Roland TR-505 – Installation of HKA Design ROM Expansion

In this video I show the installation of a HKA Design Roland TR-505 ROM Expansion. This expansion gives you three extra sets of samples that you can switch between. Apart from the regular TR-505 kit you will have samples from Linn LM-1, LinnDrum and Oberheim DMX.

The installation is really simple and the trickiest part is probably the desoldering of the old ROM if following the provided instructions.

I decided to add a pin header and a connector to connect the ROM bank selection switches. This is not something that is included in the kit. I used a 2.54mm 90 degeree pin header and a 3 pin Molex type connector with wires that I had laying around. In general I am not fond of soldering wires directly to boards. I think it is nice to be able to remove the cable, from a functionality point of view it does not matter.

The biggest problem I had was with the toggle switches as when soldering these the pins melted the plastic within 3-4s at 350C. This led to the pins being tilted and this made the switch unusable.I had to lower the temperature and be very fast to be able to solder the pins (after buying new switches and my local shop had exacty the same switches).

I did not record any of the samples in the kit but have a look at this video for some examples

Various photos

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