Korg Poly-61 – Removing & Attaching Keyboard Keys For Cleaning

Here I show how to remove the keys from the keyboard of a Korg Poly-61 and how to attach them again. This procedure should be the same for some other Korg synths from the same era, e.g the Polysix. The keys in this one were really dirty, especially on the underside so I washed them of in the sink before attaching them again. I also wiped off the metal frame on which the keys sits as there was quite a dirt buildup there.

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3 thoughts on “Korg Poly-61 – Removing & Attaching Keyboard Keys For Cleaning

  1. Dee

    Love your info on the Poly61 !

    I just picked one up and would like to disable the up down spring of the joystick to use as a stable LFO. Is there an easy way to do this?


    1. Laban

      The actual spring in the joystick is built into the potentiometers mounted on each axis of the joystick. I _guess_ it might be possible to open the potentiometer in question and remove the spring but I think there would be a high risk of damaging the pot permanently (e.g problems assembling it again as it is not constructed to be taken apart). It is probably a better idea to mod and connect your own potentiometer that can be c ontrolled separately and that would be reversible if you change your mind. I haven’t tried it myself though 🙂

      1. Dee

        Hey thanks for your input man!!

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