Roland Jupiter-4 (JP-4) – Replacing BA662 in Filter

This Roland JP-4 had one voice board where the filter behaved differently. I had gone through the entire calibration procedure in the service manual but I could not get the VCF Envelope Balance correct. The other three voice boards had no issues. When calibrating the board in question I just could not get it into range. The good boards were possible to calibrate between 400-2500Hz, but the troublesome one was only possible to adjust between 500-560Hz. The trimmer would reach the end point.

I suspected that IC18 (BA662A) was causing the issues. But as original BA662 from Roland tend to be quite expensive I decided to try with the Open Music Labs BA662 clone and it turned out fine to my ears at least. I bought these from

The symptom was that when playing and rotating between the four voice boards 3 of them would sound the same and then there would be a slight difference in the fourth one. In the samples below I play the same note four times and the JP-4 rotates between the voice boards.

Before replacement:

Before – LPF at 0 – You cannot hear one of the modules
Before – LPF at 5 – Now it is possible to hear, but it sounds different
Before – LPF at 10 – All of them sound similar

After replacement (and calibration)

After – LPF at 0
After – LPF at 5
After – LPF at 10
Unmodified board
Original BA662A
Clone with the pins soldered on
Clone installed on the voice board

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