Yamaha DX11 – Repairing Broken Key

Repairing a broken key of a Yamaha DX11. The key did not spring back up when pushed. This was due to the plastic in the key having snapped and the steel spring had detached.

It is quite common that the plastic in these old keyboards becomes brittle over time. If the issue in the video happens to you, check if you can find the little part that has broken off inside the case. If you cannot find it you might be able to attach the spring back if you modify the key slightly. Another option is to buy a new key

Brokey key with the piece of plastic that has broken off
Glued back in place
Spring in place – Make sure to mount it in the correct direction!
Make sure the spring goes in this notch when pushing the key in place
The rubber behind the keys should go all the way to make sure the keys are held in place

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