Waldorf Pulse 2 – Replacing Broken Display

This Waldorf Pulse 2 had been dropped and this had cracked the dispay. I had hard time finding the original screen (Powertip PE12864WRF-004HC1Q) as it seems to have been discontinued by the OEM. I found a post on Elektronauts where a user, “infekted”, had replaced the screen with another one successfully. Unfortunately it was not mentioned in the post what screen was actually used. I commented on the post but he didn’t remember what screen he used.

I found some sellers on eBay who sold displays for around €50 + shipping. That was too expensive for my taste. Eventually I found a screen which had the same size and looked like it had a compatible display driver chip and had a 34 pin cable. Some of the pins have different polarity in the datasheet but as I had only found one other screen which had 34 pins I thought I would give it a try anyhow.

The screen I bought is Raystar Optronics RX12864D3-FHW from tne-elektronik on eBay for around €20 including shipping from Germany to Sweden. This worked fine in the Pulse 2, I only had to adjust the contrast.

The only issues I had during installation was that the screen is slightly thicker so the padding around protective glass in the chassis had to be moved. If it was not moved the chassis didn’t close properly and this cause the power button get stuck on the chassis when it was pushed.

Before replacement
Before replacement
The new screen – Raystar Optronics RX12864D3-FHW
Left: Original, Right: Raystar
Move the padding from under the original screen to the new one so it is easier to make it parallel to the PCB when soldering
Padding has been moved. It previously overlapped the glass. The Raystar is slightly thicker so the chassis will not close properly if it is not moved, at least in my Pulse 2
After replacement

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