Building the Nava #4 – Soldering the Snare & Implementing fix

Soldering the snare drum section of the E-Licktronic Nava. This is a quite old PCB (the initial run perhaps); v1.0L. This board has an issue in the snare drum where the transistors Q43, Q46 & Q49 pin1/2 have been switched around on the PCB. So we have to switch these two pins around to make it work, skip ahead to 7:54 to see this fix. If you have a PCB with a higher revision (>v1.0L) you will not have to do this. Please refer to the build guide for further information.

Pin1/2 twisted around on Q43/Q46/Q49 to make it work on revision v1.0L
Complete; make sure pin 1/2 of Q43/Q46/Q49 do not touch when mounted on the board

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