Building the Nava #1 – Soldering the Power Supply

It is time to build the E-Licktronic Nava, the Roland TR-909 clone! I’ve had the kit and a metal case for several years but I haven’t actually started building it. So about a month ago I ordered the remaining components from Mouser. In this video I solder and test the power supply.

Nothing exceptional here; but as usual it is a good idea to sort all of the components before you start so they are easy to find!

I would recommend getting a crimping tool for the cable. It is probably doable with a pair of pliers if you are careful but the €20 I spent on the cheapish tool was nice. As I used the BOM from E-Licktronics site I got the exact amount of terminals that was needed, so there’s not much room for error. I would recommend that you order some extra so you have some room for mistakes…

Everything sorted!

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2 thoughts on “Building the Nava #1 – Soldering the Power Supply

  1. Simon Tunnicliffe

    Hi, was wondering if you’d be so kind as to link me to the instructions / build sheet you were using on your video’s for building the Nava 909?


    1. Laban

      You can find the build guide here (scroll to the bottom)

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