x0xb0x – Replacing Potentiometers

Replacing the potentiometers in a x0xb0x. Several of the potentiometers had some noise issues and they were possible to wiggle back and forth. We decided to replace all of the pots to have everything nice and fresh. I ordered the pots from Willzyx (http://willzyx.com) as it was easier and cheaper, mainly due to the shipping cost, to order from e.g. Mouser. The new pots were from Alpha and they were slightly shorter than the ones that were mounted originally. This however was not an issue as it looked better with the pot caps closer to the case. However the tempo encoder was around 3-4mm taller than the Alpha pots so I had to trim that one so it looked the same when the caps were mounted.

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2 thoughts on “x0xb0x – Replacing Potentiometers

  1. Vito

    Where are you located? I’m wondering if you would be interested in repairing a tr-606 . I just picked it up two days ago and it needs some help.

    1. Laban

      I would gladly help but I am in Gothenburg, Sweden. I did a quick geo lookup of your IP address and from what I can tell you are somewhere in the USA, somewhere around Philadelphia? So that would be an issue when it comes to transportation costs 🙂

      What are the issues with it?

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