Building the Yocto #16 – Soldering the Hand Clap

So I moved in July if 2017 and after that I haven’t really done anything with the Yocto unfortunately. I have done some work on restoring a Korg Polysix with various issues, but that will be a separate post.

But now I have actually managed to get my thumb out of my ass to finish this thing. No big issues from what I can tell apart from me splattering solder all over the place, but my new chinese solder pump did its job 🙂

Yocto Hand Clap

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2 thoughts on “Building the Yocto #16 – Soldering the Hand Clap

  1. Lukas Stroomer

    Hi Lars, awesome video! I see that you are working on this for almost two years now. 🙂 That’s quite some time. Taking all spare time available probably? If you’d work fulltime on this, how would you estimate a full build Yocto in time? Five days?
    Kinds regards,

    ps I will start building a NAVA 909 with a friend soon.

    1. Laban

      Thanks! I would think that if I had been concentrating on this 100% it would probably be a week or so. That’s assuming that I have not lost/forgotten to order any components. I didn’t do anything for 6-8 months or so due to moving from one apartment to another and having to put everything in storage.

      The main thing I’ve learned doing this, as there are so many components, is to keep my stuff in order. It goes a lot faster for me if I’ve sorted every component needed for each section before starting. That way I do not lose my “flow” by having to search for things.

      Another mistake I did was that I didn’t have the Eagle CAD drawings on a laptop in front of me in the beginning so I could search for component positions there. Instead I sat searching manually, by eye, and it takes quite a while as the components are mounted quite densely.

      Good luck with the Nava! I actually have a Nava 909 kit and a metal enclosure in a card board box here. But I haven’t ordered components yet, thought I would get done with the Yocto first.

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