Building the Yocto #15 – Soldering the Rim Shot

Things are progressing slowly. I am currently quite busy with work and searching for a new apartment and preparing for moving so I haven’t relly had the time/energy to do any soldering for a while. I finished the Rim Shot section a couple of weeks ago but I actually forgot to upload the video, but here it is! I think I messed up the timestamp though as I took a pause and forgot to reset the timer while editing.

I have purchaded a Hakko FA-400 (£20 including postage on eBay) carbon air filter to get the smoke out of my face. I previously had a small fan blowing it across the table but it was quite annoying to sit in a constant draft. The air filter seems to works nicely AFAIK. It might have been better to buy one which was mounted on a flexible arm. The reason for this is that the filter has to be placed quite close to the parts being soldered for it to pull the fumes in. But I think I got the placement right in the end, even if it is a bit cumbersome to have on the table.

Finished Rim Shot section

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