Buildning the Yocto #10 – Soldering the Snare

Finally I got the missing components for the snare drum of the Yocto. I had previously received some caps which had incorrect values, not sure if it was my mistake or if it was an error when packing the order. Doesn’t really matter! Now I have a nice assortment of hundreds of caps which should last me a while.

No major issues here (that I have noticed yet at least). I managed to fill some via holes with solder in multiple locations so I had to clean up using the solder sucker. There was also a bit of clearance issues when mounting one if the IC holders so I had to bend the legs slightly. I also noticed afterwards that I was a bit sloppy with the video as I managed to place one of the lights in front of one of the cameras and it seem to have focused on that in the foreground. Sorry about that.


Snare Drum finished

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One thought on “Buildning the Yocto #10 – Soldering the Snare

  1. Laban

    How embarrasing! I just noticed while soldering the middle tom that I’ve soldered the switch for the low tom on the wrong side of the board! I’ll have do desolder it and mount it on the other side. Damn. 🙂

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