Building the Yocto #7 – Soldering the Bass Drum section (Part 1)

Decided to experiment using multiple cameras to make it a bit easier to see things. Video in post!

Started with the bass drum section but realized when mounting the capacitors that I seem to have sorted 1.5nF (152) capacitors instead of 15nF (153). Couldn’t find any 15nF in my stash either so I had to pause until I could continue. Remember to double check your component values before soldering folks!


Unfinished Yocto Bass Drum section
Unfinished Yocto Bass Drum section

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2 thoughts on “Building the Yocto #7 – Soldering the Bass Drum section (Part 1)

  1. Udo

    The Masuto building tips writes
    R 165 tuning resistor. What is a tuning resistor ? For me is it the same as on the e licktronic Website 🙂

    1. Laban

      I have assumed for now that this is a suggested modification and I’ve gone with the default value for now until I get things up and running. You can probably try different values to adjust the sound to your liking by tweaking the resistance value up/down slightly by switching resistors or mounting a small pcb-mount potentiometer of some kund.

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