Manual OSX tiled window management using Better Touch Tool

I like to be able to control my windows without having to move my hands from the keyboard, especially if I am coding. There is not very good support for this in OSX (El Capitan as I write this). Since a couple of years I have been using a really nice tool called Better Touch Tool.

I originally used this to be able to be able to reconfigure gestures for the internal trackpad on my MacBook. But this program can do so much more, one of the cool things it is able to do is resize and move windows. Here are some settings that I use to be able to move windows without having to use the track pad. If you have a multi monitor setup it is also quick to move the windows with a hotkey between the monitors.

Although this is not automatic tiling i find it pretty quick to work with and at least the windows end up exactly where you want them. It would have been nice to be able to speciy percentages for the widths instead (maximize to the left, use 30% of the screen etc) but it is currently not possible as far as I know.

Example Better Touch Tool settings

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