Enable PlayStation 4 power off from front panel button

Enable PlayStation 4 power off from front panel button

So I have an issue with my PlayStation 4 not being properly detected by my projector (Benq W1060) if I do not power up the PS4 in safe mode. Safe mode is entered by pushing the power button, while the PS4 is off, and keeping it pressed until the PS4 beeps a second time. It will now enter the safe mode where I select to lower the resolution and then the projector can detect it. When it has started it works fine to up the resolution to 1080p.

I have learned to live with this as I haven’t been able to figure out the problen, but a small pet peeve I had was that I couldn’t just push the button on the front to power the PS4 off. Instead it entered rest mode from where the projector cannot detect it and the safe mode takes a bit longer to activate.  To power it off I had to push the PS4 button on the controller and manually selecting to power it off.

Today I found out that it was possible to configure the PS4 to power off from the button on the front instead of entering rest mode, but it was not very obvious (to me at least) so I thought I would document it here (mainly to remember it myself…).

    1. Go to the Settings menu
    2. Main Menu
      Main Menu
    3. Enter the “Power Saving Settings” submenu
    4. Settings Menu
      Settings Menu
    5. You will now se “Set Features Available in Rest Mode”, I believe these are the default settings. These settings will enable downloading of updates and charging while in rest mode.
    6. Power Saving Settings - Default values
      Power Saving Settings – Default values
    7. De-select all options an make sure to select that the PS4 should not charge the controllers.
    8. Power Saving Settings - Clear all settings
      Power Saving Settings – Clear all settings
    9. You are now done. If you exit the menu the top button on the front will now act as a power button if you push it for ~2 seconds and it will beep and power off. Please note that you will have to charge your controllers either when the PS4 is actually on (or via a separate USB charger) and the same goes for downloading of updates.


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